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To setup SMS Gateway Server, please first install SMS Gateway Server using the following guide.

Once installed, please use the following approach to complete the setup:

  • Navigate to Settings>>Configuration
  • "Enable SMS Gateway Server" must be turned on. This allows to send SMS. If turned off, SMS shall not go through.

Conf 58

  • Other options are optional.
    Disable Logs : If enabled, Logs are not generated.
    Disable SMS History : If enabled, SMS History is disabled.
    Disable SMS History in Client Area : If enabled, SMS history in client area is disabled and no SMS is shown for clients.
    Enable Client Registration After Verification : If enabled, Clients have to verify their contact no before signing up on your website.

Conf 59

  • "SMS Sending Time Frame" defines the time frame in which SMS Gateway Server would send SMS. 
    Enable Order After Verification : If enabled, Clients shall have to verify their contact no before placing an order on your website.
    Token Configuration : Defines rules for verification OTP token sent to clients.
    Allowed Token Characters : OTP sent to clients for verification shall be random no containing only mentioned characters.

There are some other options as well which you can enable or disable according to your requirements. Once you have chosen what to enable or disable, click on "Save Changes". The SMS Gateway Server setup is complete.


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