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To send Single SMS using SMS Gateway Server from Admin, please use the following approach.

  • Navigate to Addons and click on SMS Gateway Server.
  • Click on "Auto SMS" and choose "Template" if you want to create a new template for bulk SMS. For that, type the name of template, write SMS in message box and click on Save.

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  •  To setup bulk SMS settings, click on "Auto SMS" and then "Settings".

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  • Click on "Setup Bulk SMS Groups"
  • On next page, write the name of setup.(Other fields are not necessary but you can choose if you want). Click on "Next Step" at the bottom.

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  • Next, Choose the template and other required options from the drop down which defines your criteria to send SMS to clients and click on Next Step.

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  • Finally, list of the clients matching this criteria would be show. The content of the selected template would also be shown. Click on "Send" at the bottom and SMS would be sent to queue for all the clients in this group.

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  • Navigate to "Message Queue" and you'll be able to see SMS in pending state. Click on play icon to send the SMS.

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