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The Store level you open will depend on your listing frequency and which formats you use. Each Store level has its own subscription-based listing fees. To maximize your exposure and minimize your costs, use the Fee Illustrator to find the subscription level that's best for you.

* Basic Store: An ideal solution for sellers who are just starting out and want an affordable and easy-to-use platform to sell online, and for sellers listing a high volume in the Auction-style format.

* Premium Store: A more comprehensive solution for small- to medium-sized sellers who want to aggressively grow their online business. Great choice for higher-volume sellers (more than 250 items per month) and sellers listing in both Auction-style and Fixed Price formats.

* Anchor Store: An advanced solution for higher-volume sellers who want maximum exposure on eBay. Higher-volume sellers get top savings and the lowest package rates on eBay.

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