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Scheduling an online meeting or conference call

Use Lync's Online Meeting feature to start an impromptu meeting. Lync supports both Online Meetings and Conference calls. A single meeting request is used for both purposes.

To create an Online Meeting or Conference Call, follow these steps:

1. Open Microsoft Outlook.

2. In Outlook 2010, in Calendar, on the Home tab, click New Online Meeting

    a. In Outlook 2007, in Calendar, on the Meeting tab, click Online Meeting



3. In the Meeting Request, in the To box, type the email addresses of the people you want to invite to the meeting, separated by semicolons.

4. In the Meeting Request, in the Subject box, type a subject for the meeting.

5. (Optional) In the body of the Meeting Request, above the Join Online Meeting link, type additional meeting details.

NOTE: Do not modify any of the existing text in the Meeting Request. Doing so may prevent people from joining the meeting.


Starting an unscheduled meeting

Start an unscheduled meeting by using the Meet Now command:

1. Open Lync, and in the Lync main window, click the Show Menu arrow to the right of the Options button   , and click Meet Now.


2. In the Group Conversation window, click the People Options menu   , and do one of the following:

     · To invite people from your Contacts list, click Invite by Name or Phone Number, To select multiple contacts, hold down the Ctrl key, and then click the contacts..

     · To invite people (outside your organization) by sending an email, click Invite by Email, and then fill out the Meeting Request.



Join a scheduled online meeting or conference call

To join a scheduled meeting or conference call, do the following:

1. In Outlook Calendar, open the meeting you want to join.

2. In the Meeting Request, click Join online meeting.


Invite People who don't have Lync 2010 installed

People inside or outside your organization can join a Lync Meeting or Conference Call from a computer that does not have Lync or Lync 2010 Attendee installed.

When the person you invite opens the Meeting Request and clicks the Join online meeting link, they may join the meeting using their web browser and the Lync Web App. Note : The user should test the link before the meeting as they most likely will need to download an addon to join the conference



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