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A Domain name is a unique identity for your website on internet.  Domain names are formed by the procedure which is called Domain Name System (DNS). This system assigns easily memorable and recognizable addresses to the internet web servers. Domain name also identify IP resources for websites. Because address in numerical order is a bit hard to remember. e.g. rather than this, itcompany.services, which is easy to remember.

Your domain name is your mark of identity, like any business or brand name. People may know you and your business through your domain name. So you must consider a name relevant to your business name. Because your domain name is the fundamental part for internet marketing and will be used for your website and email address. Domain name gives a unique identity to every web site or resource in the address topology of the network locally or world wide. It can be said that domain names provide an online home to the websites.

Domain names are used both for emails and websites. By typing the URL in the browser the surfer can get access to his desired site. Domain names are oftenly known as Domains and their registrants are frequently termed as Domain Owners. You can choose the most appropriate domain name for your website and then register it.

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