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We would like to highlight to you that there are scam or phishing activities took place for domain name renewal.
The sender of the email is not the eligible party/Registrar for domain name, you are advise to alert your customers on this illegal activities and do not proceed any renewal through unconfirmed party. By renew domain with un-confirm party, easily to let un-authorize party hijack the domains.  You may refer to below scam or phishing email as reference.
Subject: Information about your domain
Be advised
This is a notice to remind you, expiry date of the domain [domain] is 60 days. Do not forget to renew in time.
We will help you to renew your domain name automatically. Click here to renew
Once you have completed the payment stage the above mentioned name will be renewed and a conformation will be sent.

Best regards ISP Renewal

Renewal Information.
It is important that you renew your web address [domain] in time.
Failure to renew in time may result in loss of the web address. Our system renews your domain for your favour. Once we have received your payment, we will instantly start the renewal operation. A confirmation will be sent to you when to process is completed and your domain is renewed for the selected period of time. The total cost related to the service will be shown before you complete the payment. We will not charge you for any additional fees.
The payment process is secure, and we accept all major credit cards. Your existing domain provider may also help you in the renewal process.
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support center that can be found on our homepage under "contact us"


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