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If you are seeking a domain name Registration Company, than you must go forward to IT Company. IT Company provides you the most reliable and affordable domain name registration. They guarantee to meet the satisfactory demands of their customer. You just need to enter the URL of IT Company in the browser.i.e.


On opening this website you just need to follow the step by step instructions given below:

  • Just click Hosting>domains. Here you have to enter your desired domain name to check its availability. It will show you which TLDs are available for your domain name, and which are not available. Then enter your desire TLD.
  • At the next step, it will show you two options as given below. You have to

Select your required option, it will also show the prices per month and, per year. Then you need to add cart.

  • At the next step you have to enter the required information regarding your registration , ID, eligibility name e.t.c. Fill the desired columns, and click update cart.
  • Here you will come to know about the price of your domain name which you have to pay, you have to select the payment method whether it is through credit cards, Paypal or bank transfer, put in the required information and then checkout.

So, this is how you can register your domain name on IT Company. Just follow these steps and you wil get your domain name registered.


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