Major Network outage in our USA Datacentre - Resolved

  • Thursday, 23rd June, 2022
  • 07:24am

Dear Customers,
All Services are restored and back to normal now.


Please read the further details of the incident below.

Earlier this evening, a local utility event created a major data centre blackout within our Loss Angles datacenter.

Generators and transfer switches acted accordingly to transfer critical load gracefully from the UPS equipment batteries to the generator during this period of time.

However, during the transfer process, we experienced a critical pre-action alarm which resulted in an unsuccessful transfer of power from UPS battery to the Generators, which is a safety trigger required by the city of Los Angeles.

Our Datacentre was required to evacuate the whole building during this period while the Los Angeles Fire Department was en route to determine the severity of the situation.

Los Angeles Fire Department cleared the site and all critical power was restored at that time
Our engineers began working to restore internal systems and providing telephone support to customers.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience We are working with our Data Centre team to get the services restored as soon as possible.

We Appreciate your patience and corporation during this time 

Kind Regards 

IT Company Support.


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